Who we are
We are an organization that seeks to protect the land we farm and the purity of the water with which we cultivate, in order to provide healthy and high quality food.
Sustainable agriculture
We were founded in 2020 with the aim to highlight responsible, sustainable, and innovative agriculture – Agriculture of the future, which pioneers scientific and technological strides towards making food cultivation an environmental, economic and social driver at the local, national and European levels.
“Recognizing food production through family-oriented, sustainable and innovative farming”
Competitive and family farming
We strive for competitive and family farming, where activity is linked to transparency, information, and assurance. We like to say that ¨we do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, but rather, we borrow it from our children.¨
Socially and environmentally committed agriculture
We are rooted in our land, committed to its citizens and to the rural surroundings that we defend as an ancestral and sustainable way of life, for today´s families and future generations.
Highlighting product’s origin
We encourage the production, promotion, and commercialization of national products with distinguished quality, highlighting the work of farmers and emphasizing our products´ origin through the Marca España.
Our team
Adolfo García Albaladejo
Natalia Corbalán Romera
Manuel Martínez Madrid
Irrigation associations that make up
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logo Arcosur
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We envision food production as a driver of environmental and cultural sustainability that feeds the world, thanks to its commitment to advancing through science, technology and society.